This shit right here is what legends are made of! This jump off had twins & get this, the 2 twins have diff dads! in fuckin credible!

see below as reported by

May 13, 2009  Apparently a woman from Dallas named Mia Washington gave birth to twins – and they have two different fathers.

How’d it happen you ask? Well apparently Mia was CHEATING ON HER HUSBAND with some other dude when she came up pregnant. After giving birth to two babies at the same time, Mia’s husband got suspicious when he noticed that one of the babies didn’t look like him. (LOL GOOD FUCKIN TALK)

So the couple went and got a DNA test and it proved that there was a ZERO PERCENT chance that Mia’s hubby was the father of both kids.

Apparently this twins-different-daddies thing isn’t common at all. According to the folks over at Dallas’ MyFox network, a woman has less than a one in a million chance of having this happen to her.

The one thing we have to ask is … why is Mia so proud to put her SCANDALOUS LIFESTYLE out there like that????


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